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Sale All 2013 Hallmark Ornaments

"Sale On All 2013 Retired Hallmark Ornaments"
Here's a chance to get last year's Hallmark Ornament you may have missed.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


We all have a window somewhere in our private homes, beach homes, cabins or shops that needs a little something to brighten up the room.
Stained Art Glass Panels are lovely to look at, with the sun shining through them.

You may want something that goes with your d├ęcor. Welcome signs are very popular for your kitchen or doorway. If you are a bird watcher, and have a particular bird or group of birds that are your favorites, that go to your bird feeders, you may choose one for your kitchen or dining area. Also there are fruit and flower pictures too.

My personal favorites are lighthouses. We are lighthouse collectors, and have traveled to many beautiful ones. I have 3 different lighthouse favorites hanging in different rooms in my house. They are reminders from our vacations, and looking at them brings many good memories. I have a friend who has one of where she and her husband honeymooned and have made it their personal lighthouse.

If you are into wildlife, maybe you would prefer the loons, ducks, and animals. If you have a cottage or home at the beach maybe sailboats, flamingos, pelicans or Welcome To My Sand Castle may work for you.

Another favorite could be your kitty by himself, or in the flowers. The selection is cute.

The stained art glass panels come with a wood frame, or with a zinc frame, each with a chain for hanging. There are many sizes to choose from, depending on the size of the window you are hanging it from. There are even long panels that can be hung in front door side windows.

Please check the link below to check to see if there is one for you, or possibly a gift for a friend, neighbor or family member. They also make great house warming gifts and Christmas gifts. It’s never too early to start shopping for upcoming events.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Selling Your Hallmark Ornament Collection


With so many people inquiring on how to sell their Hallmark ornament collection, here are a few helpful tips. 
First, know what you are selling. Do your research. Just because it is older, doesn’t mean it has more value.
Second, ornament and box condition are very important. You will want the box to have the price tag attached, and hopefully your ornament boxes are in mint or mint like condition. Boxes that are damaged or stained will lose a lot of value.
Also, many people buying will ask if they come from a smoke free home. If the answer is yes, you have a better chance of selling them. Ornaments from a smokers home are usually yellowed, and the smell is hard to get rid of. It just makes sense, that people want something that looks and smells new.

Here are a few suggestions for listing the ornaments:

1.  List the year and name of the ornament and the QX number on the box.
2.  Tell what condition the ornament and box are in and if the price tag is attached.
3.  If you have pictures of ornaments and boxes that helps a lot.
4.  Tell if the ornaments come from a smoke free home. 
5.  Lastly. Don’t look the ornament prices up on a secondary store and ask for that price. You have to remember that dealers on the secondary market are not going to pay you that price. They are buying your ornaments for resale, and they cannot pay that price and make a profit selling them. Also, they may have to hold them in stock until they can sell them, and that is costly holding old stock. If you want the full market price of your ornaments, you can try selling them on auction sites

Hopefully this information is helpful. Just remember, the better condition of ornaments and boxes, plus the more information you can give the prospective buyer, the better.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Think Spring

It’s Been a Long Winter, Hello Spring

For most of us in the North and Midwest, it’s time to think about getting the old golf clubs out and polished up, in hopes of a little warmer weather so we can get out on the golf course again.  For all of you lucky people in the South and West who have been on the course, here is a though to help decorate your golf bag for the season.

Golf head covers have been around for a long time, some very professional and dressy, but for the fun lovers, who want to add some fun to the game, how about picking a humorous, fun type head cover, that will match your personality or hobby.  If you are Irish, a clover leaf.  Love hamburgers, how about Whimpy.  You may be a gardener and like a sunflower, daisy or even a ladybug.  Or better yet, if you like to play cards, there is Jack and Zach who are card players.  There is even a bandit or Betty Boop.

Other golfers pick their head covers by the pro golfers they follow, or followed in their day.  These pro golfers have or had these head covers on their own bags.  Tiger Woods has his tiger, Dennis Walters has his Mr. Bucky dog.  Graeme McDowell has his dragon, Pat Perez his boxing glove and Sergio Garcia the famous bull.

But I think most people like to take their pet with them most of the time, so having look alike of your dog or cat on your club is just plain fun.  There are so many animal breeds to pick from, such as the Basset Hound, Dalmatian, Boxer, Bernese Mountain dog, Calico cat, Tuxedo cat and more.
Some people like to pick a head cover of an animal that visits their property quite often, such as deer, moose, chipmunks and squirrels and even the occasional skunk.   No matter what, all the above mentioned head covers are just for fun, and dress up your golf bag as a conversation piece, as well as protect your clubs.
Take a little time, and look over our link,
Remember golf is fun and everyone likes something new for spring to dress up the old clubs.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Our New Addition To Our Jewelry Section - Ear Cuffs

Ear Cuffs are a stylish alternative to piercing earrings; no holes, no posts, and no clips. 
The ear cuffs are available in both sterling silver ear cuffs and gold vermeil ear cuffs.
Most styles are also offered in Gold Vermeil, (Gold Plated directly over our Sterling Silver)
We do not use nickel in the gold plating process so our earrings are hypoallergenic and fully adjustable. 
Rhodium plate is used over the Sterling Silver,to keep it shiny without needing to be kept polished.

Ear cuffs are fun to wear, comfortable and secure. 
Purchase in singles left/right ear cuff or ear cuff pairs.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

St. Patricks Day Giveaway From Two Kittens Gifts

Garfield "with Attitude" Head Cover

Fits 460cc Drivers- Traditional and Geometric.
Special anchoring system that insures a secure fit on your driver.
Soft, quality, sherpa lining, specifically tailored to protect clubs from damage.
Highly articulated with sharp embroidered details.
Made using only the finest custom-milled fabrics, in exciting colors and materials.
Cover attachments (characters' eyes, noses and accessories) are securely fastened to withstand golf cart motion and inclement weather.
Surface Washable.
Garfield golf headcover, makes you golf bag easy to recognize.